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Our LEOTC Education Programme offers fun, interactive, hands-on inquiry based activities


EcoWorld’s knowledgeable staff strive to give you outstanding, intimate experiences. We help you discover, have fun, sharing with you some of New Zealand's amazing native animals that live in our beautiful Marlborough Sounds.  


• Adaptable to teacher and student needs. We work with you to develop further learning opportunities

• Students gain knowledge and understanding about many aspects of our unique Sounds environment

• Provide positive environmental experiences, designed to enthuse students about our natural world

• In all programmes students are involved in interactive, hands on and enquiry-based activities. 


Learning Outcomes 

• Explore and gain knowledge about the natural history of the Marlborough Sounds and its biodiversity

  Identify past and present threats to the Marlborough Sounds ecosystem

• To suggest ideas and actions we can all do to help keep the Marlborough Sounds ecosystem healthy 


EcoWorld Aquarium (1.5 hrs) 

• Tuataras - New Zealand’s very rare “living fossil”  • Seahorses - NZ pot-bellied seahorses

• Giant Squid “Monster of deep” (preserved 5m)     • Red & Yellow Kakariki - endangered native parrots
• Powelliphanta - giant land snails,                        • Fish - species from the Marlborough Sounds

• Lizards, frogs, turtle refuge                                • Orca and Hectors Dolphin - life size models

• Touch pool, kid’s area, movies, shells, displays and more…


Important Visitor Information

Opening hours Daily  9.30am - 5.30pm
Location - 85 meters from the InterIsland Ferry Terminal

Bookings and Payment.  7 days before your visit to gain the group benefits

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